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What to wear, what to wear? That is a question on MOST people’s minds before the big first date. Do I go fancy and show off what I got? Or do I go more low key to show off my laid back side? Or… does this sweater make it look like I’m not trying too hard when in fact I’m going out of my mind trying so hard??? And of course, your hair never wants to cooperate on such a day…ever! Whatever you do choose, a lot of time and thought goes into the big decision.

Letty and Thomas were no exception to this whirlwind of thoughts that we have all had, especially since this was a blind date. A previous classmate of Thomas and current work mate of Letty set these two up. They had no idea that this first decision they made, something as seemingly simple as picking out an outfit, was going to be the first step to their life together. When they first saw each other, they had one obvious thing in common. They both wore red! And this was just the first spark.

Flash forward to the perfect California afternoon for a beautiful backyard wedding. Many months of prep went into to making Thomas’ childhood home a perfect venue for friends and family to witness these two becoming one. Every detail was so personal. Letty’s dress was actually made from her mother’s wedding dress (insert happy tears over here)! But my absolute FAVORITE was their cake topper (scroll down to see) that Thomas made himself. The cake topper is Thomas, Letty and each of their dogs! If you have followed me for some time, you will know I LOVE dogs! I have two of my own and they are my everything. I knew Letty and Thomas were a perfect #kyliecomptoncouple, but this just solidified it!

Letty and Thomas, thank you so much for inducting me into your family for the day. You are two of the sweetest people and your love is so pure. Anyone who looks at you can tell. Always look at each other the way you did on your special day. There is nothing like it and I was honored to capture it. Have fun is Disney World and don’t forget to send me pics so I can live vicariously through you!

Gladding Ridge Lincoln Memory Care Communities – Assisted Living CA

We understand that the transition to a new home is challenging. At Gladding Ridge, we strive to ease the process by providing an environment where residents and guests feel informed and comfortable. Gladding Ridge is committed to providing our residents with a dignified lifestyle, compassionate environment, a sense of security, and enriching each resident’s life to provide the lifestyle they deserve. Our two-story building houses 50 luxury-studio apartments.Visitors are welcome every day of the week to assist us in creating and growing an extended family atmosphere that allows our team of caring staff the ability to provide quality care. While at the same time cultivating meaningful relationships with each resident, their families, and their loved ones. Come see our residents and friendly staff in action. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the unique, sophisticated environment at Gladding Ridge.

Sierra Regency Roseville Senior Living – Retirement Living in CA

Sierra Regency Retirement Living, Placer County’s Premier Independent Community.

Sierra Regency “Roseville’s Hidden Jewel” is a family owned community located in Roseville, CA, offering the lifestyle that you have not only earned, but you deserve. Established in 1988, Sierra Regency offers the highest level of integrity and compassion and we pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to our most valuable generation, our senior population. Our warm, friendly, and professionally-trained staff have established a reputation for providing the highest quality of services and hospitality throughout Northern California. We strive to create an environment where our residents are socially engaged and feel right at home.

At Sierra Regency Retirement Living, our guiding principle is to provide our residents with a compassionate environment, dignified lifestyle, and a sense of security. We are committed to enriching lives to ensure that our residents can have the retirement lifestyle they deserve. We are proud to be a community that always has someone here, making sure you feel secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Sierra Regency Retirement Living, we offer a range of amenities to enrich our resident’s lives. We have a beautiful restaurant-style dining room, where residents can enjoy all-day dining with a full, gorgeous, freshly-prepared salad bar and daily homemade soups. Each of our individual apartments includes a stackable washer and dryer along with a full kitchen. We offer a wide range of activities for our residents who like to keep busy. Some of our activities include live culinary demonstrations, all denominational religious services, aqua classes taught by the Arthritis Foundation, live musical entertainment, fashion shows, travel club, putting green, horseshoe pit, exercise rooms, massage therapy, daily transportation to the many attractions around the Roseville area and much more.

Sierra Regency is known as the “Cruise Ship on Land.”

The Many Uses of Pressure Washing Services Sacramento

Did you know that a high-pressure water jet can cut through steel? Obviously you wouldn’t want that for the outside of your house, but it just goes to show you the amazing capability of pressurized water. But it doesn’t end there. Pressure washing services are useful for a variety of projects, more so than you might expect.

If you’re using pressure washing in Chicago you can use those services to clean the outside of your house, driveway, garage floor, deck, fence, outdoor furniture, and more. Even your pool or spa would benefit from a pressure wash, as mold and bacteria tend to build up in pools.

It’s a quick and surprisingly easy way to get rid of stubborn mold, rust, and paint.

While pressure washing is good for almost anything, you’ve got to be careful on certain surfaces. You wouldn’t use the same amount of pressure to clean a car as you would a brick driveway. The high pressure needed for cleaning bricks might damage the paint job on your car.

With that said, pressure washing could be used for all types of surfaces—glass, wood, metal, stone, and fiberglass.

You could even use a pressure washer to clean grease and grime off of your barbecue—just make sure you turn it off first.

If you’re pressure washing in Chicago you could use a low-power washer to clean your boat, RV, truck, or car. It’s a great tool for those hard to reach places, like the underside of your vehicle. Just remember to use a low setting so you don’t damage the vehicle.

Always Shine Window Cleaning is here to help if you’re looking to do pressure washing in Sacramento. If you do choose to pressure wash your home or areas around it, it’s important to have a professional do the job for you to avoid damaging your property. Prime Time Window Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that knows how to best care for your home and property. We’re the number one pressure and power washer in Chicagoland. Visit our website to learn more about our window cleaning and power washing services. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Now THIS is How You Have a Classic Vineyard Wedding

We’re pretty certain the words chic and Sonoma go hand in hand, and this classic vineyard wedding is the true embodiment of both – effortless, fresh and airy. We love that Deme and Mike chose a white and green color palette for an organic, natural look that pairs beautifully with the charming look of the exposed beams and chandeliers in the venue’s interior. If you’re playing with the idea of a summer vineyard wedding, get ready to bookmark some purrrty ideas! Shall we begin?

embroidered flower wedding dress with illusion neckline and black groom tuxedo


From the photographer, Torrey Fox Photography: Deme and Mike met 11 years ago (yes 11!) in their high school English class, shortly after Mike moved from his home town of Toronto to the San Francisco Bay Area. Though currently city dwellers, they had always enjoyed relaxing weekend getaways to Sonoma and Yountville, and it was there that Mike decided to propose under a beautiful oak tree amongst rows of vineyards.

classic wedding invitations with neutral colors
floral wedding getting ready robes

The couple dreamed of a romantic wine country wedding, and Tyge William Cellars in Sonoma instantly stole their hearts. Its modern white-washed barn and impressive vineyard backdrop made it the perfect canvas to adorn with soft grey & ivory hues, touches of gold, and dreamy garden florals that complemented the landscape.

all white bridal bouquet

Forevermoore in Roseville, CA


I met Tori & Chris during the 2017 wedding season, where Tori was the maid of honor at another wedding appointment I had in Morgan Hill! With Sacramento being so far away from Morgan Hill, I didn’t think I was going to see them again so soon… Until Tori called me saying they moved to Roseville and was having their wedding at The Falls Event Center in Roseville!

A part of their ceremony that I loved so much was their vows involved 3 people: Tori, Chris, and their 7-year-old son, Micah. There wasn’t a dry eye in the courtyard (including mine) and I consider myself lucky to have witnessed such a touching moment.

Congratulations, Tori & Chris Moore!

This wedding was featured on the cover of Sacramento Bride & Groom Winter/Spring 2019 Issue.

Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling

The countertops are one of the premier features of any kitchen. If you want to love the kitchen in your home, you’ll need to love the counters. Without the right counters, even a kitchen fitted with all the latest and greatest gadgets is going to fall short of expectations.

When you decide that a kitchen remodeling project is on your agenda, picking out the right counters is going to be one of your top priorities. The best kitchen remodels all use excellent countertops to bring the whole design together, and yours should be no different. Of course, if you feel that you need any help planning your kitchen remodeling project, America’s Advantage Remodeling is here to assist. 

For some quick advice on how to wind up with the right countertops in your new kitchen, please review the ideas below.

It All Starts with Material

Before you think about the color of your counters, or how that color will play with the rest of the space, you need to think about the material that you are going to select. Granite is the leader in the market, and for good reason. It looks beautiful, it comes in a long list of colors, and it holds up nicely over the years. If you choose granite, you are unlikely to regret that selection.

With that said, you don’t have to automatically choose granite. There are plenty of other options on the market, including marble, quartz, tile, and more. There are even some DIY kitchen countertops made from wood. Each material is going to have its own pros and cons, so be sure to do your research before making a selection. Of course, if you need any help with the pick, contact America’s Advantage Remodeling right away.

See the Big Picture

Beyond the material you decide to use, the color of your countertops is another important issue. When selecting the right shade, you will want to keep in mind the big picture of your overall kitchen design. It is okay to have the counters stand out, but you don’t want them to be so ‘loud’ that they take away from the other elements in your design. If you decide to have the counters serve as the main visual draw in the kitchen, be sure the other pieces of the puzzle fit nicely into place.

Plenty of Space

You don’t want to skimp on counter space. When your remodel is complete, it would be a shame if you were left thinking that you should have installed more counters. It seems that counter space is always in high demand, so err on the side of having too much rather than not enough.

America’s Advantage Remodeling is proud to have completed some of the best kitchen remodels in Sacramento, and we’d love to bring our experience into your home. We’ll work together with you to bring the project to life, one piece at a time. Please contact us today for more information on what we can offer your upcoming project. Thanks for reading!

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Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Hiring photographers and videographers is a difficult task for many people because they do not know much about these professions. Well, the time has come for you to acquaint youself with their work. The first thing you need to realize is that photographers and videographers are numerious. For example, did you know that the US had 54.830 professional photographers in 2013? Sacramento alone host hundreds of them.

However, only a few photographers and videographers would give value for your money.
Fortunately, searching for them is unnecessary because Indigo Sky Studios is the home of the best
photographers and videographers in Sacramento. We are the best because our photographers capture moments of laughter, joyful tears and vivid displays of affection. More specifically, our Sacramento wedding photographer will capture these moment in detailed and cinematic fashion. Moreover, our video packages are unbeatable. For example, a silver package includes one Sacramento wedding videographer while a classical one will get you two videographers.
Call us today for incredible rates on high-quality photography and videography. Alternatively, visit us along
Birdcage Street in Citrus Heights, Sacramento.

Sacramento Wedding Videographer

To hire a videographer, or not to hire a videographer?

To hire a videographer, or not to hire a videographer? That is a recurring question couples ask as they plan their wedding. When a photographer is booked, is there also a need for a videographer? Real scenarios from weddings may prove insightful in this decision-making.

The photo doesn’t do justice to the humor…

«She was the one. It was easy to tell when your doctor friend who hasn’t dated in a decade, stops a gorgeous nurse in the hallway. And asks her out right there and then. I couldn’t believe the story when Todd called, but I knew this one was going to be good,» shared the best man as he made a toast. The couple’s happy reaction to the best man’s speech was captured perfectly in a beautiful, backlit photo. It captured a moment in time, but it left the content out. The photo doesn’t do justice to the humor, the memories, jokes and stories shared in that speech. While photos are great reminders of those memories, video allows the couple to relive those moments for years to come.

Can the crowd be heard laughing?

Looking back, many couples note that due to all the nerves and commotion, they remember very little from their wedding day. Imagine being surprised by a guest who pulled out a tiny pillbox hat, and put it on his head. What followed next was a recreation of a scene from Coming to America. The best man mimicked the voice so well the audience thundered with laughter. The couple did not see it coming, but it was definitely a highlight of their reception. Try capturing that in a photo! Can the crowd be heard laughing? Can the impersonation be replayed? That is the magic of wedding cinema that photography cannot compete with. Videographers allow the couple to go back in time, relive every detail they may have missed on their big day, and join in on the action. Video also grants the couple a chance to share their wedding with friends and family that were not able to make it to the actual event. Consider the memories the couple will make when they watch the video with their children.

…Another dimension

Wedding planning takes a lot of effort and time, so it’s important to capture the special day and the commitment made. That celebration will be reminisced for years. Video just adds another dimension to those memories.