Echoe Matthews

Echoe Matthews. Echoe Matthews was raised in Seattle, Washington. She began modeling online five years ago while she was still a full-time student at an institute. This helped her with her financial bills. She then signed with J Lo Models Management and has gone on to show well with such models as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Nicole Ritchie.

About Echoe Matthews. About Echoe Matthews, one thing is for certain, she loves what she does and looks great doing it. Her body is beautiful and well-toned. Her face isn’t particularly striking, but her body is. We all admire her physicality and are drawn to her face. This is why we are so impressed by her acting career.

About Echoe Matthews. Recently, Echoe Matthews has been in the news because of an unfortunate mug shot. In August 2021, she was arrested after police in Seattle were tipped off that she had been caught driving under the influence of alcohol. She had previously been arrested several times for driving under the influence. She pleaded guilty to all charges in this case and is appealing against the court’s decision. We will have to wait and see if her appeal is successful.